2020 Camp Card Sale

March 1-May 1st

Click here for the 2020 Camp Card Leader Guide


Why Should Your Scout or Unit sell Camp Cards?

  • Having Scouts support their Scouting program by earning funds to pay their own way for summer camp and additional program costs. This helps families from having to pay additional expenses such as unit dues, unit activities, and other related expenses.


  • Units/Scouts participating in the camp card sale will earn up to 50% commission on each card sold. The card is priced at $5.00. The is no risk or cost to unit unless unsold camp cards are not returned by the deadline.


Camp Card Information for 2020


The camp card sale is for any unit (Pack, Troop, or Crew), individual Scout, or adult leader. All money raised through the sale must be used for Scouting activities, camps, program materals, etc.

•A unit can check out camp card up to the amount that the unit sold last year. If a unit needs additional cards those can be check out from the Scout Service Center. Partial payment will need to be made on current cards out before the additional cards can be issued.

• Scouts can start selling on Thursday, February 27, 2020.

All unsold cards and money are due on Friday, May 1, 2020.

Units are responsible for any unsold cards not turned in a the 50% commission rate or $2.50 per card.



  • Scouts should be in their Field Uniform (Class “A”)
  • Scouts/Parents cannot ask for donations. Must sell the camp card.
  • Scout should have a “sales pitch” or why and what they are selling camp cards for.

?Hello, I am Tim Tenderfoot with Troop 123 and I am selling these camp cards to help pay for my summer camp at Hood Scout Reservation this summer. At summer camp, I will be able to earn merit badges that will help me on my way to becoming an Eagle Scout!” 



  • Make sure to tell the customer “thank you” and be courteous and kind even if they do not buy a camp card.



  • Scouts should be in their Field Uniforms (Class “A”)
  • Unit should have permission of the store manager. All storefront booths must be set-up in the area designed by the store manager.
  • Be respectful of the customers going in or out of the store. Do not ambush. crowd, or stalk the customers.
  • Scouts, parents, and unit leaders remember to be cheerful, friendly, kind and courteous to each other and the customers. Watch your language and your actions.


Prizes for Scouts

“I sold 20”


For every 20 cards that a Scout sells, Click here and enter a for drawing for a free summer camp experience.


The site will go live on Friday, March 6, 2020. For Cub Scouts, the prize will be Cub Scout Resident Camp, for Scouts, BSA and Venturers the prize will be either summer camp or winter camp.


If you have any questions about the sell or need to check out more cards please contact your District Executive.


To help you keep track of your Scouts camp card sales. Click here for a tracking sheet. 

Please call us with any questions, ideas, etc.  If you have Camp Cards that you know are not being sold and you want to return some or all you checked out please do so at your earliest convenience.  We have other units that can and will sell your extra cards.


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Web: hoodscoutreservation.org

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