James West Fellowships

As part of the Sebooney Okasucca’s Lodge commitment to the Andrew Jackson Council and the support of its camping program we commit to give both the Annual Friends of Scouting Campaign and to Endowment. A list below of those that have received the West Fellowship in their honor:

(2001)           Johnny Barranco- Lodge Advisor
(2005)           Tim Culnane    Lodge Chief
(2005)           James K. Bell   Lodge Staff Advisor
(2006)           Steven Cullen Lodge Chief
(2006)           Charles Abbott Chapter Adviser
(2007)           Evan Rogers- Ceremonies Chairman 
(2007)           Jim Dunn- Ceremonies Associate Adviser

(2008)          Tommy Sebrell -Lodge Adviser

(2008)          Larry Cagle -Lodge Staff Adviser

(2009)          Colton Dunn- Lodge Chief

(2009)          Terry Duvall- Food Service Adviser