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Hood Scout Reservation Camp Staff 

What makes the Hood Scout Reservation one of the Top 10 Camps in the Country?  It takes a great camp staff. To be a part of this staff you must meet the following:

  • A CIT must be at least First Class Rank and 14 years old.
  • A paid staff member must be at least 15 years old and First Class
  • Any young ladies that would like to be on staff must be 18 or older
  • Must be a registered member of the Boy Scouts of America

Download Staff Application  Online Application 


Summer Camp Staff        Winter Camp Staff 


Welcome to Summer Camp Staff!

We look forward to seeing you at HSR this summer, but there are several things that you need to do before you arrive at camp! 

You will not be permitted to start work until everything has been received 


Staff Employment Forms 

Please pay close attention to the items listed and make sure to complete all that is applicable to and your position. All forms must be completed and turned in by April 30th. You can either print these forms out and mail them to HSR Summer Camp Staff, 855 Riverside Dr. Jackson, MS 39202. You can also email them using the following clicking here. If you email them please use the following format and save them as a PDF.  Last Name First Name Name of the Document

All Staff need to complete and submit the following forms: 

All Paid Staff will also need to complete: 



The Boy Scouts of America requires all Summer Camp employees to complete various advanced training courses.  Please have a look at the following courses and complete what is required for your position. Course can be found at You have to set up and account.  To reach these course, link on the Boy Scout Icon found on upper left side of screen.  Under the menu look trainings.  Please remember to print out each completion.  You can save and email the completed information using the following link. You need to use the following format and save as a PDF.   Last Name First Name Name of Course Completed

All staff members need to complete:

?          Your seasonal employee will register on the site the first time they log in, and answer a few questions about their job and work location which will be used to assign the correct training to them.

All waterfront staff:

  • Safe Swim Defense 
  • Safety Afloat

All challenge course staff: 

  • Climb on Safely

All outdoor thrills, Davey Crockett, and ecology conservation staff: 

  • Trek Safely

Camp Staff Handbook 

Please make sure that you read and understand the policies of the Andrew Jackson Council, Hood Scout Reservation, and the Boy Scouts of America. 

Click here to download the HSR Camp Staff Handbook

Camp Staff Schedule (When you are to report to HSR)

Please be aware of the following dates.  You will need to report on time. 

  • Staff Training #1- Saturday, April 27, 2019 at 9:00 AM- 2:00 PM.
    • Wear your Class A (Field Uniform).
    • Lunch is provided. 
  • Beaver Day- Saturday, May 4th, 2019 at 8:30 AM- 2:30 PM. 
    • Wear work clothes. 
    • Lunch is provided. 
  • Staff Week- Saturday, May 25th, 2019 at 9:00 AM.
    • Be prepared to stay.


Please make sure that you have the correct uniforms:  Field Uniform (Class A) and Activity Uniform (Class B).  As a part of the camp staff you will be giving 25% discount at the Jackson Scout Shop.  You will need the following: 

  • Field Uniform (Class A): Venture Crew Uniform Shirt, Scout Shorts/ Pants,  Scout Socks, and Scout Belt.  You will need the following patches for your uniform:  Council Strip, World Crest, and if you are not currently registered in a Venture Crew the numbers "303".   If you have earn any Venturing Awards, Knots or are in the Order of the Arrow, you may wear those patches too. 


  • Activity Uniform (Class B): HSR will provided you the collard staff shirt, one T-shirt, and hat.  You will need additional Scout T-shirts, Scout Shorts/ Pants, Scout Belt and Scout Sock. 


Winter Camp




855 Riverside Drive
Jackson, MS 39202



855 Riverside Drive
Jackson, MS 39202



8065 Old Port Gibson Rd
Hazelhurst, MS 39083


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