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This page will have all of the information that you need for you unit to have a great sale, raise the needed dollars for your program and support the efforts of the Andrew Jackson Council in reach more families and communities with the promise and adventure of Scouting.

Important Dates Unit Kernel Guide Book  Online Popcorn System

The  Popcorn Sale consists of 3 phases: Show & Sell ,Take Order, and Online Sales.

Take Order begins immediately...as a matter of fact each of your Scouts will received a  Family Selling Guide by mail or in person that shows all of the products, prizes, order form, and other information they will need to be successful.  Don't miss reading the great opportunities to earn Outdoor Camping Experiences for you, your scouts, and your family!

The Show & Sell can be FUN and great money can be made in a very short amount of time...and the best part of Show & Sell is that you are able to return or roll forward what you don't sell!  No getting stuck with product...Now that is a deal!

This is how Show & Sell works:

  1. The unit leadership makes a commitment to order a certain $ amount of Popcorn (Example$2,500, $5,000, $10,000, etc.)
  2. The unit works with the management of Grocery Stores, Department Stores, Banks, and other retail outlets to establish prearranged selling times thru October 31st. The Scouts (In Uniform - no one can resist) and their parents arrive for the sale at a reserved time...and you sell to customers! You can even take the Popcorn house to house in neighborhoods! 
  3. While Show & Sell is going on, also encourage the boys and families to sell Take Order. What is this you ask? This is the form that each Scout was mailed or was given at School Night! So you can sell 2 different ways!
  4. Now the best part! All of the "Show & Sell" Popcorn that you pre-order to sell at stores can be returned at any time! Or you can use any left-over corn to fill "Take Orders"!  It is a Win-Win!

Finally, Online Sales...Set-up your Scout's online sale at http://sell.trails-end.com/  With the online sales you can set-up email blasts to friends and family so they can order and support their favorie Scout. 



(All information will be updated before the Unit Popcorn Kernel Training) 
Click here to download the Unit Kernel's Popcorn Guide.  This guide will help your unit kernel direct the unit's popcorn sales. 
Ideal year of Scouting plan sheet:  Use this spreadsheet to determine how much popcorn your unit will need to sell to deliver the program.  This spreadsheet will help determine each individual Scout's popcorn goals. 
Instructions on how to use the Trail's End Popcorn system and National Council Prize System. 
Additional Prize Programs 
  1. Camp Prizes 
  2. The Jedi Club movie prize 
  3. The Big Spin Prize 
Trail's End Scholarship Program Form 
Unit Kernel Popcorn Training  August 22, 2017 
Council Popcorn Kick-off 

September 19, 2017

Noon or 6:30PM

Show & Sales Orders Due  September 19, 2017 
Show & Sales Pick-up September 28, 2017
Poptober Begins October 1, 2017 
Poptober End 

October 31, 2017 

Take Orders and Payments are due 

November 3, 2017

Popcorn Pick-up November 16, 2017 


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