Challenge Course Training Registration
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Challenge Course Training
Registration Begins
8/1/2016 5:30 PM
Last Day To Register
9/28/2017 5:00 PM
8065 Old Port Gibson Rd
Hazlehurst, MS 39083, US
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Challenge Course Training

For Level II and Level I Instructors

Training will begin at 6:30pm on 09/29 at the Challenge Tower.   There are a two levels of training. Both levels of training will begin on Friday night.  The Level I training will finish on Saturday around 6pm and it is for leaders who have not ever attended one of the Tower's training events.  The Level II training will finish on Sunday afternoon around 3pm.  All meals will be provided.  You must eat before you get there on Friday night.  Attendance for all events is required depending on your level of training. 

Level II Training

Level II training takes at least two weekends to complete.  A skills check off and written test must be completed before being considered a Level II Instructor.  Once training is completed, a Level II instructor may operate the tower. This training level is good for 3 years but annual check offs must be completed and regular participation in the tower activities must be recorded.

Level I Training

Level I training takes one weekend to complete.  A skills check off is required to become a Level I instructor. Once someone completes this training they can ASSIST in operating the tower with the assistance of a Level II instructor. This training level is only good for 1 year but can be extended with regular participation in tower activities.


Following the completion of the weekend, all participants will be expected to be active at the Tower by participating in at least two Tower activities within the next year.  

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