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Frequently Asked Questions 

On June 16, 2016, the Executive Board of the Andrew Jackson Council pasted a resolution to charge an annual program of $15 per member youth and adult.  More information on the Annual Program can be found below.  If you have any specific questions please contact council service center for more information. 

Q:  Currently our Annual Fee is $25 or more.  Where does that money go?

A:  There is an Annual National Registration Fee of $24 which is charged by the National Boy Scouts of America organization and is sent to them directly to support program development, national high adventure bases,  Boy's Life and Scouting magazines, criminal background checks on all adult volunteers and the national websites.  The remaining $1 is paid to offset the unit accident and liability insurance premiums that are paid to the National Boy Scouts of America. 

Q:  In our Unit, we pay more than $25.  Where does that money go? 

A:  To your local unit. We have found that local units charge anywhere from an additional $25-$100 a year to belong to the Cub Scout, Boy Scout, Venturing, Sea Scout, or Exploring Program in additional to the $24 National Registration Fee and $1 Insurance Fee. We recommend speaking to your local unit how they budget these additional dollars, as each unit is different. 

Q:  Does the Andrew Jackson Council get any of the National Annual Registration Fee?

A:  No. The $24 National Annual Registration Fee is sent to the National Boy Scouts of America directly. Even the $1 that is collected for the Insurance Fee is used to offset the insurance premiums charged by the National Boy Scouts of America. 

Q:  Will the National Annual Registration Fee be raised?

A:  At this time, the Andrew Jackson Council is currently unaware of any plan to increase the National Annual Registration Fee by the National Boy Scouts of America. 

Q:  What will the $15 Program Fee go towards? 

A:  The $15 will enchance your Scouting experience by supporting the Andrew Jackson Council operations at Hood Scout Reservation and the overall Scouting Program in the Andrew Jackson Council. This fee will help maintain and develop new programs and facilities. This fee will not be used for general administrative cost. 

Q:  Will the Program Fee ever be raised?

A:  Over the course of time, the cost of goods and services may be subject to inflation, and the Program Fee may need to be adjusted as well. The Andrew Jackson Council will give its members twelve to eighteen months prior notice if and when the Program Fee were to be raised. 

Q:  When will the Program Fee go into effect? 

A:  The Program Fee will go into effect with the 2017 Recharter Process. 

Q:  What if I have a Scout/Family that is unable to pay the new $40 Annual Fees ($24 Annual National Registration Fee, $1 Insurance Fee, and $15 Council Program Fee)?

A:  The Andrew Jackson Council has and will always continue to assistance programs to help individuals in true need.  Please have those families complete and submit a scholarship form.  Click here for a Andrew Jackson Council Scholarship form




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