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The Commissioner Concept

The Commissioner is the liaison between the Council/District and Scouting Units. The Commissioner's mission is to keep unit operating at maximum efficiency, maintain regular contact with unit leaders, coach leaders on where to find assistance, not weakness in programs, and suggest remedies.  The Commissioner is successful when units effectively deliver the ideals of Scouting to their members.


Unit Commissioner Fast Start

The main purpose of the unit commissioner is to make units successful. To do this, a unit commissioner should have people skills and a Scouting background and live by the ideals of Scouting. A good commissioner will often be a counselor, a doctor, a teacher, and an adviser.


Commissioner Cast

iIs monthly podcast from the National Commissioner and his staff. Learn about new programs and ways that you can support your volunteers and units that you serve.  For more information click here.  

Unit Commissioner Specific Training

This training for all commissioner to help them understand how to work with unit leaders, parents and unit to make sure that they have the best possible program.