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Are you and your unit doing community service and helping the community in which you live?  We want to hear about it.  The Boy Scouts of America has created an easy way to report Community Service Hours.  We ask that you consider following the below steps to access a reporting site so your community service stories and hours can be shared.  Attached a further instructions once you have gained access.  Thank you for your continued support and participation in Scouting and let us know if you have any questions.

Entering Service Hour Data


First-Time Users – Log In

What you will need:

·         Your unit ID (five to 11 digits)

·         Your unit number (four digits, no letters – ex. Pack 62 = 0062)

If you do not have this information, call your district or council and they can supply your unit ID.

 To register on the site:

1.      Place your cursor over the words New Users Click Here and click the left mouse button.


2.      Click I agree at the Confidentiality Statement window. If you disagree, you will not be allowed to enter information into the site.


3.      Use the unit ID (five- to 11-digit number) and local unit number (four-digit number) you received from the council to fill in the three fields on the user profile page. In the second field, select the type of unit you are registering.  If you have not received your unit’s ID number or local unit number, call your local council or your district executive.  If you are a volunteer for several units, each unit will have a separate ID and local unit number. (Keep this information somewhere where you can find it, because you will need it to change your user name or password.)

TIP:  If your unit number has less than four digits, add zeros in front of the number so that you have four digits (example: Unit 12 = 0012)

4.      Enter your name, address, city, state, zip code, e-mail address.


5.      Type in a user name of your choice. If the user name you typed in is already in use, you will be asked to select another user name.


6.      Type in and verify your password.  This can be anything you choose between six and 10 characters.


7.      Click Register.  The Home page of the data collection site appears.


If you have problems logging in, contact the local council or your district executive to verify your unit ID. 

Returning Users – Log In

 Type the user name and password that you created when you registered at the site.


§         If you forgot your password, see the next section titled Forgotten Passwords.


§         If you forgot your user name, you will need to contact your district executive or the council so that they can give you the user name you registered.


§         If you have problems logging in, contact the local council or your district executive to verify your unit ID.


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